What Can Be The Features On Which Airpod Pro Price Singapore Depends?

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The best Airpod pro price Singapore can be easily compiled depending upon the special features offered. You are free to connect them with your speakers or smart TVs by performing certain settings. Airpods are wireless bluetooth earbuds that are designed to work with your iPhone and tablets. As they are Bluetooth enabled they can also be used with almost all computers and smartphones. 

Features on which Airpod pro price Singapore depends

The original AirPod and the AirPod 2 are two versions of AirPods released by Apple in the year 2016 and 2019 respectively. They are identical in looks but both have different and special features. In 2016 released AirPod works on Apple’s original W1 wireless chip, whereas AirPods 2 works on the newer H1 wireless chipset that is said to work twice as fast as the first Airpod. You will get an accelerometer in both devices for the same price as pro AirPods in Singapore that support sensing gestures and to know if they’re inserted in your ears optical sensors are used. You can use the inbuilt microphones for phone calls by using Siri. 

You will get a charging case with both the AirPods that have an exclusive battery to increase the battery life of the earpieces when the electrical outlet is out of reach. You can get wireless charging for AirPods 2 at additional charges but the original AirPods charges will give you wired chargers. You can get more than 24 hours of music listening and approximately the same battery life for both the buds, provided you always keep the AirPods inside the charging case when not needed. You will get a slightly longer talk time with AirPods 2 on a single charge, roughly one hour more than the original buds.

How AirPods features are different from that of earbuds?

AirPods pro price Singapore is much more different than the rates of the wired earbuds because of these features:

  • You may have noticed that there come wired earbuds in the iPhone boxes since it has been released in 2007. If you’ve ever owned an iPhone or iPad, then you must know how efficiently those earbuds work. 
  • You will get both earbuds wired together into a connection with a y shape that is further attached to an audio connector that you can plug into your phone. With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple removed the original headphone jack and gave a lightning port connector with wired earbuds. 
  • You may have noticed a media controller in the wired earphones which enables you to play, pause, adjust the volume and skip tracks. 
  • Original Airpods charges are different because of its completely wireless feature. Both buds are free from any connection either from each other or from the phone. 
  • Both AirPods can be used separately one at a time and connects via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth feature is so efficient that you can use these AirPods by keeping yourself away from the audio source within a sufficient range.
  • You are free of tangled wires and can use its modern technology for answering calls, play, pause, adjusting volumes, and skipping tracks. There are chances that you will get a touch sensor feature in form of advance featured pro AirPods soon.

Advance working of Airpods Pro Price Singapore

You can start your AirPods by connecting them to your iPhone, iPad, computers, or smartphones. Be sure that the volume range is perfect for you as a sudden loud voice can harm your ears. They are separately designed to fit in the left and right ear. If you are getting confused in finding the left and right pieces then you can look for a small L and R on each Airpod. Insert them while pointing the stem downwards so it comfortably fits in the notch of your ear. The cost of AirPods pro is worth it because of its feature that automatically pauses the audio when you will remove them. You can double-tap on the earbud to answer or reject calls. You can operate audio by using Siri and ask it to perform tasks like “pause,” “play,” “go back to the previous song,” “lower volume,” or “skip a song.” You just have to say “Hey Siri” for waking up Siri. You can go for various AirPods settings to change the function of double-tapping.


Airpod pro price Singapore will not seem high to you if you want to enjoy the modern technology of earbuds. You can easily access these AirPods by buying them from the new apple AirPods and you don’t need to worry about instant payment as they provide you the option of pay later. You can enjoy these awesome AirPods by spending just a few dollars.

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