What is Great about Aftershock Laptops?

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If you are a gamer Aftershock laptop review may be spot on for you, since this company creates the notebooks custom, in order to provide the best experience while playing games for the consumers with visual and technical qualities. Since casual laptops have low quality for gaming purposes, the electronic market provides special PCs for games, with high speed and visual effects, with enormous hard drive capacity and internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections.

Aftershock Company overview

Aftershock is a company founded in Singapore and now they have expanded to Australia. They are known for creating very strong and high functionality gaming PCs, personal computers, and laptops, with special cooling systems in a result to play games hourly. They have stores in Singapore and in Australia as well, but you can also make any purchase from their web page. Despite the fact that the price range of Aftershock computers is low, they even offer consumers great deals, like slip payments in case you don’t have the full amount or discounts from time to time. Let’s see how their laptop holds on.  

Apex 15X Aftershock laptop review

There are few options available when customizing a gaming notebook through the website, for instance, you can also pick different graphics and different memory or disk sizes, with different machinery keyboard. This specific model has a black brushed metallic exterior, which is completely smooth and this matches the interior very nicely. The sides are well rounded, but the front edge feels a little sharp, but otherwise, the build quality feels very solid. The keyboard was one of the unique features of the laptop, it’s mechanical and is available with blue or brown switches with a tactile 2mm depth, this is not something you would expect from such kinds of laptops. Wonder how to get an Aftershock laptop? Read more for details.

Thoughts of the notebook

Overall, regarding the Aftershock laptop review, we can say that it’s a pretty good one. The build quality is solid for a machine that’s on the smaller and thinner side, you get a mechanical keyboard which is pretty uncommon for a laptop, good CPU, graphics, and a 144Hz screen for gaming. Aftershock is also offering quite a few different options when you configure it, such as liquid metal which should help improve temperature, and many other different choices to customize it how you want.

Forge 15 PRO Aftershock laptop review

This model has space, brushed look with two tools of traits of lights on the cover. This Inside also has this face cream brushed aluminum finish. When using an Aftershock PC model you have a feeling that the screen is a little bit higher, which makes the gaming experience more comfortable. The keyboard is very easy to get used to, since this is a silent hybrid keyboard, it is comfortable to type on the end game for long sessions. We can say that is one of the best laptops, especially with a cooling effect, for gaming days and nights.

Aftershock workstations

Together with laptops Aftershock also offers consumers gaming workstations, with full equipment performance of which is way higher than notebooks, with a capacity of playing long hours and also going through the years, while good quality laptops last approximately three years and more. These computers will serve you longer than that. Processors and desktops are created for longer gaming sessions and with silent experiences. An additional pro of this product is that clients can custom choose and build their gaming equipment, which is highly important for these people.


While you are a beginner and are in the searching process for new equipment and could not decide which one is better Aftershock laptop review will help you to guide you and put you on the right path. Especially if you are a beginner, you may require the service which would help you to save some money, since gaming notebooks and PCs are not cheap scales. There are great companies with listed electronic shops, where you can choose the product and purchase online. The best part is here is that there is a split installment and you can schedule your own payment timing for your preferences, without additional service fees. If you are really willing to have your gaming equipment, don’t wait for the time you have the full amount, you can purchase the product now and lay later.

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