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Google Pay, an online payment system, is a digital wallet platform. It is developed and created by Google for in-app, in-person, and online contactless purchases. You can avail of the Google Pay services on mobile devices, and it allows its users to make payments with Android tablets, phones, and watches. You can send money, shop online, and recharge your mobiles, or send money to your family and friends in one tap. However, it is a must to know that who accepts Google Pay? This topic will cover all your queries about Google Pay. 

Google Pay Singapore

Customers in Singapore can have a better experience when selecting to shop with Google Pay, an online payment system. You will find everything effortless when you make faster and easier purchases wherever you buy in Singapore. While shopping in stores, you can speed up your checkout process when you use Google Pay on your mobile devices to pay in one tap. 

Google Pay is a free mobile application in Google Play Store and does not cost you for your shopping and other needs or requirements. Besides, Google Pay allows its users to do more with their money. You transferring money, making payments, or earning rewards all are in one place.

Getting Rewards

Google Pay also offers you to win cash rewards when you are paying through it, and you will get your rewarded money in your bank account directly. Besides, you can share the perks by referring your friends and family. It will offer rewards to both of you when the referred person makes his first payment on Google Pay.

Transferring and Receiving Money

Receiving and transferring money had never been so effortless as it is with Google Pay. You can send money to anyone you want with Google Pay’s PayNow option after adding your OCBC, DBS PayLah!, or Standard Chartered Bank account. Besides, it allows you to form a group to initiate your conversation, know who has paid, and divide your bills from the Google Pay app. 

Google Pay On iPhone 

Besides Android and iOS, Google pay is also available for Apple users. However, it is primarily for PayNow, or Bank transfers only.

Other Services

Users can breeze through their movie booking, pay in shops, make payments for online shopping, bus rides, and many more options to avail of Google Pay’s benefits. Continue reading to know who accepts Google Pay.

What Stores Accept Google Pay? 

Google Pay allows you to pay at any merchant store that accepts contactless payments for your debit or credit cards. Are you aware of who accepts Google Pay in Singapore? There are a massive number of online apps, merchants, and stores that accept Google Pay, including the following:

  • Deliveroo
  • Food Panda, McDonald’s, etc.
  • Instacart, Turo, etc.
  • Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Restaurants

Besides, online stores that accept Google Pay are Zalora, Shoppee, and Wish Singapore. You can pay through Google Pay effortlessly when you see the option during checkout.

How To Use Google Pay In-Store?

Google Pay makes you free to go shopping in stores and online. You can use it wherever the merchant stores accept contactless payments. To use this payment option, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Unlock your Android device without opening the Google Pay app.

2. Now, you can position the back of your mobile device close to the store’s payment terminal for a few seconds.

3. You will see that Google Pay launched automatically.

4. Enter your PIN or use the fingerprint reader when prompted on this screen.

5. After a few seconds, a check-marked screen will appear to show you that your purchase is complete.

Using Google Pay

You can utilize Google Pay services for many purposes, from online shopping to using at available Google Pay stores or making bookings and payments. Do you know who takes Google Pay? Various online and offline merchants accept payment through Google Pay. Using contactless payment has never been easier as it is now with Google Pay. 

Check out the options below to know how to use its services.

  • Sign up to open a Google Pay account on your mobile device.
  • Use a referral code if you have one.
  • Link your bank account.
  • Besides, it would help if you linked to PayNow.

Your Google Pay account is ready to use. You can make purchases, payments, peer-to-peer transfers, books, reservations, recharges, and many more. 

Benefits of using Google Pay

When individuals in Singapore use the Google Pay app on their iOS or Android devices, they experience a wide range of effortless payments. It is an effort by Google to design its app to keep its users’ local needs in their minds.

Google Pay allows you to make your payments secure and straightforward while helping everyone who uses it. You can use Google Pay in Singapore while on public transports, over 80,000 checkout counters, online services, and many more. Besides, it reflects the emerging role of digital payments in the everyday lives of its users.

Check out the online stores and merchants who accept Google Pay and start availing of its benefits today!

PayNow Singapore

Do you know who accepts Google Pay? Google Pay has built on a real-time national payment service in Singapore called PayNow. With the integration of PayNow, users can send money across Singapore without having Google Pay. OCBC, BDS Paylah!, and customers of Standard Chartered Bank can use PayNow to make payment to any business or service with a QR code displayed or PayNow option.

Besides, Singapore is the first country where users in Singapore can form groups and manage their payments. You can avail of its services from anywhere and to anyone.


Enjoy a wide range of payment services from Google Pay, from food and movies to making payments, online shopping, and many more. It also rewards its users with virtual scratch cards for cashback on making qualified transactions or referrals. Besides, you can manage your money and peer-to-peer fund transfers, and many more benefits. You can check the guide as mentioned above to know who accepts Google Pay. Make your payments secure and effortless through Google Pay.

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