Work Towards Body Wellness Singapore at The Spa by The Ultimate

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As the term refers, body wellness means making the body feel well. At a spa, different techniques are applied to regulate blood flow, which rejuvenates your skin and other parts of your body.


The Ultimate is a resort spa is a resort spa that provides a heaven of wellness with several benefits such as spa services, fat removal services, and resort services.

It opened up in 2016 at SAFRA Club along Punggol Waterway. Its scenic location provides its customers with comforting simplicity and warmth. Due to its top-quality services, the Spa has become one of the leading Spas of Singapore; a sanctuary that one yearns when craving a little pampering for body wellness Singapore.

The Spa is sprawled across 8000 sq feet of lush green lawns and nature for you to soak in the serenity of nature through the full-length windows while experiencing rejuvenating massages offered by the Spa. Safra Club Members and their guests are guaranteed a wellness experience that would leave them refreshed and invigorated!


The roots of using a Spa go deep into history. The word spa is an acronym of a Latin phrase that means “health from water” and comes from a native Belgian village where soldiers used a hot water spring to relieve their aching muscles. Spa treatments have been in use for the health benefits in history dating back to Roman times. Let us show you how spas can help you to achieve body wellness in Singapore.

You can use the Spa to:

  1. DESTRESS YOUR BODY: Life is extremely stressful, and it is essential to distress yourself if you have to make major decisions. The professionals at The Ultimat Spa will help you relax and achieve the target of distressing yourself. They have created distinctive Asian Body Spa Experiences with special massages and spa renewal rituals that are immaculately put together for your relaxation.
  2. IDEAL FOR ANTI-AGING: We all want to look beautiful and young. Mostly Spas have treatments that will leave you looking young. Apart from the treatments, the massages offered at the Spa are good to relax and leave a glow about you that makes you look and feel young.
  3. HELPS IN SLEEPING: Facing problems going to sleep? Then you have clicked on the right page. Generally, being unable to sleep is because of tense muscles and irregular heart rate. Massage at the Spa helps relax muscles, which relaxes your muscles, lowers blood pressure, and maintains a healthy heart rate, which contributes to good sleep.
  4. HELPS IN ACHES AND PAIN: Aches and pains occur due to tense muscle tissue. The massages at a spa regulate blood flow, which helps relax muscle tissue and hence relieves out aches and pains. 
  5. SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: Yes! Spa treatments can help you in losing weight. The hot Spa treatment opens up the pores and hence helps get rid of toxins, which in its turn regulates metabolism and helps in reducing weight.
  6. HAPPINESS BOOSTERS: No matter what we do, our ultimate goal is to gain happiness. Here is a shortcut to your happiness. Spa treatments do have a biological effect on our body, increasing serotonin levels, a hormone related to happiness. This level is maintained for a few days.
  7. A REDUCTION IN HEADACHES: stress gives us headaches, and we all experience these headaches often. After a massage at a SPA, these headaches tend to go away due to relaxed muscles and a relaxed blood flow.
  8. GIVES A RADIANT SKIN: Unclear skin is often due to dehydrated skin and obstructed blood flow. A facial massage helps relax, regulate the blood flow of the facial muscles, and hydrates the skin simultaneously. 
  9. GET RID OF VARICOSE VEINS. Unfortunately, sometimes the nature of our works gives us medical issues such as varicose veins or enlarged veins. These can be gotten rid of by effective massage on the legs.
  10. REGULATED BLOOD FLOW:  Most of the illnesses are due to obstructed blood flow which can be regulated by a good massage and hence in helping you get rid of illnesses!

Use Spa by The Ultimate as A Gift for Your Loved Ones

Yes, it’s the perfect gift for your loved ones. We often forget to take care of ourselves in our busy lives. We have to look after the people who are dependent upon us. Hence, this gift of Body Wellness Singapore is the best thing you can get for maybe your mom, your wife, or anyone who looks after you. At The Spa, they entertain looking after others which is why they have gift vouchers that you can buy for others. There are many gift vouchers available for you to gift to people you love. You can try with the Qimu Massage gift voucher or the oxygen bubble facial, whichever is best suitable for the person you will gift it to.

ATOME Will Help You Achieve Body Wellness Singapore

Are you worried about the finances? Do you think paying the full amount will disturb the monthly budget? Worry no more as now you can pay through ATOME. ATOME is a payment option that breaks up your payment into three equal monthly installments. You have to pay a third of the total amount at the time of purchase and enjoy the services of The Spa by The Ultimate.

Now you don’t have to worry about your finances. Go and enjoy body wellness Singapore.

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