Call it a day with these 4 skincare masks

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The end of the working day means it’s time to shut off and indulge in some me-time. As we all either continue to work from home, or head back to the office – we know the importance of a work-life-balance (even if it’s something that we’re constantly struggling with). No matter what you’re dealing with at the moment, a facial mask can help signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind and slow down.

Skincare masks are infused with concentrated ingredients to help address an array of skin issues to help you achieve the skin that you want – from brightening, moisturising, firming to purifying. Simply add this to your skincare routine and reap the benefits, even if you’re only using it once a week! No matter what your skin goal is, we’ve rounded up the best face mask for you to stock up and relax with. Shop these now and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments.

This 5 minute foaming mask is designed to deep-cleanse pores, lift dirt, oil and makeup away from the skin, all while hydrating your skin! It gently purifies and balance the skin with its mix of Vitamin C, antioxidants and soy protein!

This vitality cream mask moisturises, renews and strengthens the skins. Made with a combination of Avocado oil to hydrate the skin, this masks restores the skins’ physiology and is ideal for all skin types!

This DermaShield Mask has received a Beauty award in 2019 as the best moisturising mask due to each sheet being soaked with DermaShield Serum that helps to reinforce protection from blue light (emitted from our phones, computers, tvs, ipads) and infra-red light. This mask packs a powerful puhch against environmental pollutants, while leaving our skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Lastly, this Rose Water Radiance Mask instantly brightens and refreshes the skin with its enriched plant formula. Add this to your skincare routine each week and unveil your naturally radiant skin. Post mask, you’ll notice that your skin is brighter and more glowy than before!

No matter what your skin woes are, we’ve got you covered! These masks not only nourishes and protect your skin, but reminds you to take time for yourself and relax. Shop these masks and pay later with Atome to say goodbye to large upfront costs! With the Atome app, the bill gets split instantly into three easy parts, paid over a period of three months. There’s no hassle, no hidden charges or service fees – everything is seamless and transparent from start to finish. Download the Atome app to find out more and start shopping today!

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Top 3 bags for the weekend

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The weekend is fast approaching – which means it’s either time to head out or enjoy some much-needed downtime at home. If it’s the former and you’re meeting friends or family for a meal or to do some shopping, we know the pains of choosing a bag that goes with every outfit and occasion.

Whether you’re heading to the beach or out for brunch, we’ve rounded up the top bags to store all your essentials and more! Shop and pay later with Atome to enjoy the things you love today. When you pay with Atome, the bill gets instantly split into three manageable instalments, so you can buy everything you love and say goodbye to large upfront costs.

Cross body bags are an essential part of any wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, these bags are easy to style and are so convenient – they’re able to hold your wallet, keys and phone without much trouble. This stunning bag is a head turner, with its classy clasp and elegant strap, plus this timeless shade of blue matches any outfit that you put on!

We’ve learnt that fashion truly has no limits, which means that woven bags don’t just belong at the beach, they can be taken out for a weekend brunch, and even shopping. Establish that cool, laid-back girl vibe with this fun woven bag, and add a ray of sunshine to any outfit that you put on!

Lastly, combine woven bags with a satchel design and you’ve got yourself a new favourite bag! Woven bags are a fun way to elevate your outfit with some summer vibes. This game-changing bag complements so many outfits, pair it with a fun vibrant top and jeans, and you’re good to go!

As we head out safely this weekend, look good and keep all your essentials close to you in your bag (talking about hand sanitizers and an extra pair of mask, just in case!). Shop your favourite bags and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments. Download the Atome app today to start shopping – whether it’s online or in-stores (it’s a contactless payment where all you need to do is scan the QR code!), and pay only what you see, with no hidden cost or processing fees.

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Jump into the week with these 5 stylish jumpsuits

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Getting ready in the morning can often be a challenge, and if you’re tired of always wearing the same tees or dresses, why not step up your look with some jumpsuits. They’re so stylish and super comfortable, plus you never have to worry about matching your top to your bottoms, or the challenges that comes with wearing a skirt or dress!

All you have to do is throw these on and go about your day! These chic one piece wonders come in various designs – whether you prefer a flowy almost dress-like jumpsuit, casual jumpsuits, or even work appropriate jumpsuits, we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish ones to get you ready for the day.

If you’re heading back to office but can’t figure out what to wear – this jumpsuit is the one for you! This sky blue jumpsuit features a front layered top as well as side slits at the bottom that showcases a little skin while adding movement to the hem whenever you walk.

This sleek jumpsuit is a wardrobe staple. Classy and elegant, this piece will be something you’ll want to live in for the foreseeable future. It comes in at the waist before flaring out at the bottom, accentuating your curves and giving you a flattering silhouette.

This lightweight jumpsuit features a feminine floral print that can easily carry you from work to play. This quintessential jumpsuit will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Honestly, this jumpsuit is a classic piece that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. It has a sophisticated silhouette, and is a versatile jumpsuit that suits any occasion.

This fun jumpsuit has everything you need, the high waist line and flare at the bottom of the pants create a flattering fit. This beautiful colour is sure to win lots of compliments and is easy to match with your accessories. The best bit? It comes with pockets!

Jumpsuits are easy to style, and can be easily dressed up or down without much hassle. These statement pieces allows you to create a striking look without much effort. Shop your favourite pieces today and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three.

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Ace your accessories game with these 4 must-haves

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In every closet, there are must-have staples, such as a classic white tee, a little black dress, and comfortable shoes, but what about jewellery? Delicate pieces add a touch of femininity to every outfit, while diamond accessories are a timeless addition to your wardrobe, lending shine and elegance to your look.

Complete your ensemble with accessories to express your personality, and allow you to always look polish no matter what you’re wearing. Invest in quality pieces that stand the test of time, ensuring that they are classic items that you’ll constantly wear time and time again. Look for designs that you love instead of following trends that may not hold true to your personal style. Pay later with Atome to split your bill into three equal interest-free instalments, and bring home the items you love today.

Gold tone jewellery are a bold and beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Bohme has gorgeous designs, but some of the ones that we’re in love with are these fun chilli designs in various styles. Whether you prefer small or big hoops, larger pendants and delicate necklaces, stud or dangling earrings, they have them all. Each piece makes a statement of its own, but you can also opt to style them together for maximum impact  – either way, you’re guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

The epitome of elegance, these stud earrings are an absolute must-have in every women’s closet. They add just the right amount of sparkle and shine, complementing every outfit, leaving you feeling polished and refined even if you’re heading out in a casual tee and jeans.

Beautifully crafted timepieces are a worth-while investment. This Aries Gold watch has a thoughtful minimalist design that allows you to it dress up or down, and not have it looking out of place in any outfit. This classic watch will stand the test of time and will be a piece that you find yourself reaching for over and over again.

Rose gold is a gorgeous colour that compliments every skin tone. And Paul Hewitt’s collection is anchored in its timelessness and is a charming addition to any ensemble. This warm blush gold adds sophistication and class to your outfits, and is sure to bring lots of compliments whenever you put it on.

Accessories are an investment as it can add a touch of elegance to your outfits without going over the top (unless that’s what you want, then go ahead and do you!). No matter what you choose to wear and add to your collection, pay later with Atome and split your bill into three. There’s no interest, nor hidden fees, plus you never have to worry about missing a payment as it’s auto-deducted from either your debit or credit card that you’ve signed up with. Download the Atome app to keep track of your repayments, and browse the list of brands to shop with!

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Step up your shoe game with these 4 shops

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Whenever you’re heading out, we all know how important comfort is when choosing a shoe. After all, we’re sure to do a lot of walking, and we don’t want to head back home early nor do we want our feet to be sore the next day.

Sometimes, finding a comfortable shoe is tough, especially when you want them to be stylish and match with the rest of your closet. And while comfortable should always beat fashion – especially because one bad blister can spoil your day – that doesn’t mean we should completely forgo style. Get the best of both worlds with these four shops that will make you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine! Plus when you cart out with Atome, the bill gets split into three equal parts, so you can pay later for the things you love today.

Another Sole is made of high quality leather that will fit snugly on your feet. They have over 100 colours to choose from, allowing you to dress up accordingly. If you’re looking for an everyday shoe that goes with every outfit, their classic range features neutral colours that will go with every colour in your wardrobe. Plus, when you shop with them, 10% of their profits goes to World Vision’s Buy-1-Feed-1 Programme.

Fashion-forward brand, prettyFIT caters to the modern women with stylish and quality footwear, with a commitment to fit and comfort. They have a distinctive take on designs, allowing you to express your personality through their shoes. Their shoes are boast comfort and are stylish, becoming wardrobe essentials for women. We love their casual strappy sandals in neutral brown, making it so easy to match and style with any outfit!

No list of comfortable shoes is complete without Hush Puppies. The purveyor of comfortable shoes, Hush Puppies have truly mastered the art of sturdy, comfortable shoes that will take you that extra mile. Crafted with an innovative tech, these shoes allow you to walk on the bright side of life and always look stylish wherever you go.

Melissa shoes are one of the comfiest shoes on the market, they’re made with its own trademark material, a type of PVC that is 100% recyclable, flexible, resistant and comfortable. They have a wide range of designs from sandals, flats, to even shoes for your little ones! These Melissa Venus shoes are an absolute must-have in every closet, they’re multi-strapped and adds a hint of glam to your outfit.

Lastly, 9to9 offers a diverse selection of footwear for men and women, taking you from work to a weekend outing. We know how hard it is to find comfortable work shoes, correction: comfortable, stylish work shoes. They’re a rare find but with 9to9, they’re shoes are sleek, comfortable and ready to take you from meetings to a meal with friends.

Shop and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments. All you have to do is add the items you love into cart, check out and opt to pay with Atome! The bill gets automatically split into three parts, paid over a period of three months. With the Atome app, you can keep track of all your upcoming payments, but you never have to worry about missing a payment as it’s automatically deducted from either your credit or debit card. Download the app to find out more today!

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All the things we’re excited for in Phase 2!

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It’s been a week since Phase 2 officially started, and it’s the time when most of us have been looking forward to. We’ve been cooped up at home, and anxiously awaiting to head out to see our family and friends, in a place somewhere other than Zoom.

While we all have things that we’re excited for in Phase 2, we know that as we emerge and come out of our homes (every once in a while), that we have to approach the situation with caution, so that we can establish a stronger and safer beginning together.

So while we get ready to head out, we’ve rounded up a list of stores to help us welcome Phase 2 together! When you shop with Atome, the bill gets split into three interest-free instalments, that is paid over a period of three months. So you can own the things you love today, and pay later!

Established in Singapore, Purpur has everything you need to achieve that effortlessly put-together look, no matter where you’re going. We all know that pulling an outfit together can be a challenge, and if you’ve been struggling trying to decide what to wear, or what matches with your shoes, Purpur has apparel to cater to every modern woman.

One of the top places to go after being cooped up at home is definitely the spa. We’re excited to head to Mirage Aesthetics who are known as one of the best facial and aesthetic spa in Singapore. Leave it to the professionals to help you relax and get your brows back on fleek!

Elevate your look with stunning timepieces from H2 Hub. If you’re in the market for a day-to-day watch or even a smartwatch, H2 Hub carries a wide range of brands that will cater to your every wish! Never miss a notification, and keep track of all the steps you’ve been taking with ease.

Accessories are a simple yet beautiful feature to add to your outfit. It can instantly add a touch of glamour, colour and shine. Cocomi carries a selection of renowned brands, with a wide range of designs to suit every taste and occasion. Complete your outfits and head out in style during Phase 2!

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing like comfortable shoes, especially after being home for so long, most of us are excited to head back to malls and do some much-needed shopping, which means a lot of walking! Always walk on the bright side with Hush Puppies who have mastered the art of comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Download the Atome app and shop for all your favourite things and pay later. The bill gets split into three equal parts and you only need to pay what you see, there is no hidden cost or processing fee. Sign up for an account today with either your debit or credit card, and enjoy the things you love right away!

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The 5 shops to build the ultimate fashion IG feed

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If you’ve been spending time scrolling through Instagram, you’ve likely stubbled across profiles of cool Instagram feed, where they always look put together, even if they’re just lounging around the house. If you’re looking to elevate your look but you’re not really sure where to start, we’re here to help.

We’ve round up a list of five shops to help you get ready in the mornings effortlessly. Whether you’re heading to work, working from home, or if you’re going out for a quick meal with your friends, these five shops have everything you need to elevate your look. Shop and pay later with Atome and split your bill into three 0% interest instalments.

Add colour to your wardrobe with Her Velvet Vase, with a wide selection of beautiful dresses to choose from, the outfits are versatile and modern, allowing you to head to work in them, and a night-out with the girls. Just grab your favourite accessories to style your outfits, and take your outfits from day to night effortlessly.

Lovet features a range of clothes designed for the modern women, allowing them to find a style to suit each and every one of them. The pieces are thoughtfully crafted, enabling you to enjoy the freedom to express yourself. Plus, they release new styles every Sunday, perfect to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Purpur is a home-grown brand that is setting the trend for Singaporeans, bringing you the best and most comfortable styles to suit your every day look. They offer a wide range of fabulous outfits, purfect for the modern, fun lady!

One of the leading fashion brands in Singapore, Playdress offers an extensive collection of smart casual wear, with affordability and quality at the heart of the brand. Playdress takes you from work to play effortlessly, letting you embrace all your natural curves and beauty.

Lastly, celebrate your natural beauty with Aurahera and always look sophisticated no matter where you go. They have a wide selection of beautiful apparel in lovely designs to suit your personal style, allowing you to look chic and stylish everywhere you go!

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Our top 5 gifts for any occasion

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Buying a gift for your loved ones can be a tricky experience. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or simply just because you’re thinking of them. We’ve rounded up a list of thoughtful gift ideas that we know everyone will love, so you never have to worry about finding a last minute gift ever again (unless you purchase everything on this list, by which we’ll come up with a new list for you again)!

The best thing is that when you shop and pay with Atome, the bill gets automatically split into three manageable interest-free instalments, so you can buy them the gift that they love today, and pay later!

We love this customised gifts, and this elegant and beautiful small pouch is no exception! It’s perfect for keeping small items such as keys, coins, cards and even earpieces. Plus, when you shop on Mori, you’re supporting mothers in the Philippines maintain a sustainable livelihood.

Buying a gift for your best friend? Show her you guys are meant to bee with this Olivia Burton’s Lucky Bee watch in rose gold and grey. This beautiful watch complements any outfits and rose gold is a stunning colour, perfect to complement any skin tone.

Mark significant milestones in their lives with a beautiful timepiece engraved with a special meaning. This stunning piece will be one to be remembered for a lifetime.

If your friend has grown an interest in gardening over the few months, this adorable mini herbs growing kit is sure to bring a smile to their face. All they have to do is fill this tray up with water and watch their plant grow each day!

Finally, the gift of beautiful skin is truly one of the safest and most loved choices for recipients. This Water Bank Moisture Cream protects the skin’s moisture barrier with green mineral water, that’s water extracted from vegetables to help restore the skin’s barrier. This jar is the perfect gift for your friend who either loves skincare, or is trying to find the perfect moisturiser for their face.

When you check out, remember to pay with Atome to split your bill into three equal interest-free instalments. Download the app today to begin your better shopping journey!

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7 skincare products to start and end your day with

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Looking forward to heading back out to work and play in Phase 2? Keep up your self-care routine while you’re heading out and look after your skin. After being home for so long, our skin has been less exposed to external factors and pollution, so remember to prep your skin and get it ready to face the day. Once you’re home, relax and unwind and get your skin ready of a night of renewal.

No matter what you’re doing, remember to do so cautiously and safely. If you’re heading out to do some shopping, pay safely with Atome’s contactless system where all you have to do is scan the QR code and you’re done! The bill gets split automatically into three equal parts to be paid over a period of three months, with 0% interest!

Kick start the day with this gentle honey cleanser to freshen up and brighten your skin, getting you ready to take on the day. It’s made with 60% unrefined raw honey, so it cleanses your face without stripping it of any natural oils, soothing and softening the skin and leaving it with a healthy, glowing complexion.

As your skin renews itself very night, exfoliating your face in the morning will help remove any dead skin and give your skin a radiant glow to start your day. This Illuminating Face Polish contains a blend of natural exfoliants and active plant enzymes to rid the skin of impurities. Mixed with manuka honey and bilberry, this face polish will assist with natural cell regeneration.

Restore your skin’s barrier and protect it from environmental toxins with Dr Wu. Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane. This serum is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives it a dewy look. And Squalane is a plant-based ingredient that helps to refine signs of ageing.

After your serum soaks in, layer on your moisturiser to help protect and hydrate your skin. This Olive Protective Face Moisturiser SPF15 is a botanical dream team made of olive leaf, cranberry and blueberry extracts, and it’s combined with UV lters and vitamin E to maximise your protecting from the sun while restoring moisture to the skin!

If you’re experiencing with stubborn pigmentation, this serum is for you. This Unitone is a special treatment formula that helps to prevent and reduce hormonal pigmentation, lightening these marks.

This lightweight yet creamy Intensive Moisturizer contains a synergistic combination of botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to work against dry skin. Layer this on top of your serums and feel your skin become suppler and more radiant with continued usage.

SigiSkin’s Dream Capsule overnight mask is made with bakuchiol (a 100% plant derived retinol alternative – making it a preferred choice by those with sensitive skin). Bakuchiol helps to hydrate, boost collagen production and reduce fine lines on the skin, all while you sleep! It absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a thick layer of cream on the skin.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.