Can You Cut Eyelash Extensions?

Dr. Lash is one of the most famous and leading eyelash salons working in Singapore. It focuses on semi-permanent make-up, ...

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The secret to seriously hydrated skin: Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has been the secret to instantly hydrated and glowy skin, and comes in all types of skincare products from serums, to face sheets. The benefits of adding hyaluronic acid into your skincare regime results in hydrated and plump skin.

But what is it and how does it work? If adding a product with the word ‘acid’ in it sounds scary to you, don’t worry, we’re here to help you break it down, and discover the key to smooth skin. HA is actually naturally produced by our own body, and is found in our skin, connective tissue and eyes, and it has a capacity to attract 1000x its weight in moisture. It replenishes our skin and enhances a healthy, supple look.

Given its nature, HA is one of the best skincare ingredient as it works to keep every aspect of your skin renewed and hydrated,  giving it that dewy, glowy effect.

Ready to get started and add more HA products into your skincare routine? We’ve rounded up the best products to get you started today! Plus when you check out with Atome, the bill gets instantly split into three equal parts, so you only have to pay a third of your purchase upfront, with the remaining over a period of two months – all at 0% interest!

This intensely concentrated serum contains laboratory-grade pure hyaluronic acid, which results in optimal absorption and efficacy, thanks to its multi-molecular weighted hyaluronic acids. It’s suited for sensitive skin, and this formula is in fact used as an adjunct to facial eczema treatments in dermatologist’s office. Once you’re done with this bottle, you can bring it back to them to sterilise and get your refill with a $5 discount voucher – talk about saving your skin and the environment!

This moisturising, firming serum is suited for all skin types, and creates a film on the skin to reduce the transdermal water loss. At the same time, it enhances the skin’s consistency and firmness, restoring the water balance in skin and strengthening its texture and firmness, resulting in smoother, plumper skin!

A 7 in 1 mask that is formulated with a special combination of 6 types of Hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes to help replenish the skin with deep-penetrating moisture. It’s suited for sensitive skin and can be worn for up to 40 minutes! It results in a healthy glowing complexion and leaves your skin feeling calm and hydrated.

Everyone needs a good eye-cream, after all the skin around our eyes are more delicate and requires a different formula with more oil and active ingredients to address the problems. The skin around our eyes are more prone to dryness and constant movement of our eyes also quickens the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This Pink Nectar eye-cream from Sigi Skin is here to the rescue. Packed with natural extracts such as peach and propolis, it fights against ageing with powerhouse ingredients such as Vitamin E. Plus it contains 5 different kinds of hyaluronic acid, ensuring optimal absorption with maximum hydration! When applied to the skin, it will effortlessly blend and moisturises and firm the area around the eyes, reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and puffiness.

Last but not least, plump up your ski with Two Lips’ Pout Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum. This rich serum is easily absorbed into your skin and is gynaecologically and dermatologically tested so it’s not only safe for your face, but for your body too (ps. your vulva).

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5 eye makeup products to wear with a mask

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Putting on a face mask as we leave the house is the new normal, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop serving looks while being responsible and staying safe and healthy.

Since the face mask covers half our face, we might want to put away our lipsticks and contouring palette, and instead focus on what the area that people will get to see – our eyes. Now it’s the time to perfect our eye makeup game, after all, the eyes are the windows to the soul, no? So it’s time to get your favourite eye makeup kit out, and if you don’t have one already, we’ve rounded up our top picks for you to pick up! Plus when you pay with Atome, you get to split the bill into three 0% interest payments.

Everyone knows the importance of brows. It helps to shape your face as well as define and accentuate your eyes. This eyebrow pencil and brush from BeautyMaker is top favourite with its unique triangular tip that glides on effortlessly, while the custom-designed spoolie is made to blend the colour seamlessly. Now that we’re wearing a mask whenever we head out, our brows are definitely going to draw more attention. So keep them neat and looking good for your face shape, and avoid over-plucking them!

Play up your eye makeup and add some dimension to your look with this palette filled with colours that are great for daily wear. With a mixture of shimmery and matte shadows, you can recreate classic looks.

Add length and volume to your eyelashes with Mak-Cara Long Lash Curling mascara. Perfect for Singapore’s hot weather, this waterproof mascara curls and lengthen your lashes with a long-lasting effect.

If you haven’t booked your lash extension appointment yet, you might just want to hold the phone. byCaxs has a wide range of ultra soft lashes that will help you bring out your inner doll, as well as a collection of coloured contact lenses that will make your eyes pop. But our current obsession is their latest Stuck On You lash adhesive that comes in clear and black, and makes putting on false lashes a breeze.

This award-winning lash and brow growth serum will help you get longer, thicker eyelashes and brows! All you have to do is swipe them on clean lashes and brows before you go to bed!

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going (or if you’re staying home), makeup is a great way to express ourselves. So whether you’re going for a natural makeup look or experimenting with vibrant colours, or skipping makeup altogether, feel comfortable and continue to stay safe during this time.

If you’re looking to play around with new makeup products, pay later with Atome to split your bill into three. Download the Atome app today to shop your favourite brands!

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Call it a day with these 4 skincare masks

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The end of the working day means it’s time to shut off and indulge in some me-time. As we all either continue to work from home, or head back to the office – we know the importance of a work-life-balance (even if it’s something that we’re constantly struggling with). No matter what you’re dealing with at the moment, a facial mask can help signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind and slow down.

Skincare masks are infused with concentrated ingredients to help address an array of skin issues to help you achieve the skin that you want – from brightening, moisturising, firming to purifying. Simply add this to your skincare routine and reap the benefits, even if you’re only using it once a week! No matter what your skin goal is, we’ve rounded up the best face mask for you to stock up and relax with. Shop these now and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments.

This 5 minute foaming mask is designed to deep-cleanse pores, lift dirt, oil and makeup away from the skin, all while hydrating your skin! It gently purifies and balance the skin with its mix of Vitamin C, antioxidants and soy protein!

This vitality cream mask moisturises, renews and strengthens the skins. Made with a combination of Avocado oil to hydrate the skin, this masks restores the skins’ physiology and is ideal for all skin types!

This DermaShield Mask has received a Beauty award in 2019 as the best moisturising mask due to each sheet being soaked with DermaShield Serum that helps to reinforce protection from blue light (emitted from our phones, computers, tvs, ipads) and infra-red light. This mask packs a powerful puhch against environmental pollutants, while leaving our skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Lastly, this Rose Water Radiance Mask instantly brightens and refreshes the skin with its enriched plant formula. Add this to your skincare routine each week and unveil your naturally radiant skin. Post mask, you’ll notice that your skin is brighter and more glowy than before!

No matter what your skin woes are, we’ve got you covered! These masks not only nourishes and protect your skin, but reminds you to take time for yourself and relax. Shop these masks and pay later with Atome to say goodbye to large upfront costs! With the Atome app, the bill gets split instantly into three easy parts, paid over a period of three months. There’s no hassle, no hidden charges or service fees – everything is seamless and transparent from start to finish. Download the Atome app to find out more and start shopping today!

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7 skincare products to start and end your day with

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Looking forward to heading back out to work and play in Phase 2? Keep up your self-care routine while you’re heading out and look after your skin. After being home for so long, our skin has been less exposed to external factors and pollution, so remember to prep your skin and get it ready to face the day. Once you’re home, relax and unwind and get your skin ready of a night of renewal.

No matter what you’re doing, remember to do so cautiously and safely. If you’re heading out to do some shopping, pay safely with Atome’s contactless system where all you have to do is scan the QR code and you’re done! The bill gets split automatically into three equal parts to be paid over a period of three months, with 0% interest!

Kick start the day with this gentle honey cleanser to freshen up and brighten your skin, getting you ready to take on the day. It’s made with 60% unrefined raw honey, so it cleanses your face without stripping it of any natural oils, soothing and softening the skin and leaving it with a healthy, glowing complexion.

As your skin renews itself very night, exfoliating your face in the morning will help remove any dead skin and give your skin a radiant glow to start your day. This Illuminating Face Polish contains a blend of natural exfoliants and active plant enzymes to rid the skin of impurities. Mixed with manuka honey and bilberry, this face polish will assist with natural cell regeneration.

Restore your skin’s barrier and protect it from environmental toxins with Dr Wu. Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane. This serum is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives it a dewy look. And Squalane is a plant-based ingredient that helps to refine signs of ageing.

After your serum soaks in, layer on your moisturiser to help protect and hydrate your skin. This Olive Protective Face Moisturiser SPF15 is a botanical dream team made of olive leaf, cranberry and blueberry extracts, and it’s combined with UV lters and vitamin E to maximise your protecting from the sun while restoring moisture to the skin!

If you’re experiencing with stubborn pigmentation, this serum is for you. This Unitone is a special treatment formula that helps to prevent and reduce hormonal pigmentation, lightening these marks.

This lightweight yet creamy Intensive Moisturizer contains a synergistic combination of botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to work against dry skin. Layer this on top of your serums and feel your skin become suppler and more radiant with continued usage.

SigiSkin’s Dream Capsule overnight mask is made with bakuchiol (a 100% plant derived retinol alternative – making it a preferred choice by those with sensitive skin). Bakuchiol helps to hydrate, boost collagen production and reduce fine lines on the skin, all while you sleep! It absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a thick layer of cream on the skin.

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