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Our favourite internet food trends

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Staying home has made us all lil’ chefs and bakers and honestly that’s one of the many wholesome things that have come out of Circuit Breaker. With everyone having more time kitchen, the amount of creative recipes popping up is hard to keep track. We’re no longer on the Dalgona Coffee phase (feels like forever ago), we’ve evolved to pancake cereals, and all the way to restaurant-worthy burnt cheesecakes. Of all the food trends so far, which has been your favourite so far?

Dalgona Coffee

This pretty much took over all our feeds for the first few weeks of Circuit Breaker, it was almost impossible to not see at least one of our friends posting a picture of their own dalgona coffee. It seemed pretty easy, the recipe calls for one part instant coffee, one part hot water and one part sugar, and all of our time and energy to whisky this into a creamy consistency. Once you get a whipped cream texture, pour it over a glass of milk and ice (snap a pic) and enjoy!

Three ingredient peanut butter cookie

I know, it sounds too good to be true. These cookies are without the hassle (no complex ingredients or elaborate steps, and no separating the dry and wet ingredients), just one simple bowl to mix everything in. All you need is an egg, peanut butter and sugar and about 30 minutes of your time. If you’re feeling fancy, throw in some chocolate chips, and voilá! It’s the perfect comfort food for a rainy day.

Once you’re done cooking, the presentation is equally important, because if you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it actually happen?

We love these plates from Table Matters, which is inspiring enough to spend more time in the kitchen just to use them. They have bakeware too, which makes anything look even more delicious. Table Matters collection focuses on expert quality style and function – it’s made with premium class porcelain so it can withstand heat and bake food evenly. With a wide range of designs, inspired by nature and art, you can definitely find a style that suits your taste!

Pancake cereal

One of the newest food trend to hit social media is the pancake cereal, cause basic pancakes are well… basic. It’s exactly how it sounds like, pancakes so small that you would eat them like how you eat cereal. You can jazz them up with toppings of your choice – oreos, cookie crumbs, strawberries, nuts – the world is your pancake. The recipe is really simple, just make your usual pancake batter, pour it into a squeeze bottle (or a ziplock bag with one end cut), cook and enjoy!

Elaborate dinners

Not much of an internet trend, but something that we’ve started seeing more of. People mastering their family recipes and learning how to cook nourishing meals with flavourful side dishes. Nothing really beats a home-cooked meal, especially when mum (or dad) makes it. If you’re not staying at home with your parents, you may have called them up to ask them for the recipe for your favourite dish growing up, and tried cooking it at home.

Showoff your masterpiece with Tablematters, sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. We particularly love the Magnolia Collection which has a delicate and dainty white magnolias set against a sky-blue background.

This set is both beautiful and durable, a combination that lasts. Share an intimate meal with your loved ones and feed your tummies with warm food.

If you’re spending more time cooking and baking in the kitchen, do it in style and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three and enjoy 0% interest instalments.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Ways to have fun at home

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With the recent announcement last week, most of us are staying home to stop the spread of this virus and it’s the least we can do to help. While staying home and spending quality time away from others are an introvert’s dream, it can be a nightmare for many.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, after all, home is where the heart is, and it’s filled with lots of things for you to do. Besides doing some exercise and online shopping, entertain yourself with some ideas below. We’re here to help navigate through these times, we’re all in this together!

1. Learn something new online!

Enrich yourself during this time and sign up for classes online. YouTube offers a lot of videos from individuals who are willing to share their knowledge for free, and the best part is that you can keep repeating it until you get it right. You can learn how to play the Ukelele, piano, or even how to stitch, cook and bake. Atelier Lodge has a DIY leather craft fun kit for you to make a cardholder at home! There’s even a video tutorial to help you craft this beautiful piece. Buy now and pay later when using Atome at the checkout, and have it split into easy interest-free instalments.

2. Raid your wardrobe

With extra time at home, it’s never too late to start Marie Kondo-ing and start sorting out the items that no longer spark joy. Which means, only keeping things that fit well, you look good in, and feel amazing in. Once you’ve sorted that out, start folding items in the Marie Kondo way.

While we’re on the subject on clothes that fit well, looks good and feel great in, have you checked out EnvyHer? It’s a local (YAS #supportlocal) handmade shapewear and lingerie label that embraces all your curves in the most comfortable way possible! Don’t just take our word for it, they’re offering e-consultations for you to design based on your shape, and what’s more – you can shop now and pay later using Atome when checking out!

3. Netflix

Not going to lie, like anyone with an internet access, I am obsessed with Netflix. I love watching the latest shows, but never really found the time pre-isolation, and instead had been adding lots of shows to my ‘to-be-watched’ list. While we’re spending more time at home, it’s perfect to kick-back and catch up on the shows – bring on the popcorn!

Netflix has recently uploaded the newest seasons of Money Heist, Kim’s Convenience and more (has everyone watched Tiger King yet?) Stay up to date and even host virtual watch parties with your friends on Netflix Party!

4. Stay positive

While staying at home all day, every day is against our very human nature to want to socialise, it’s important to remain positive and not let the situation or negative energy get the best of us. Relax with essentials oils from Natural Living Asia, known to help stimulate areas of our limbic systems (a part of our brain that deals with our emotions and behaviour) and indulge in a whole range of wellness products. Remember to use Atome when checking out, to split the payment into three easy interest free instalments!

5. Social Media

Social media may have got a bad rep in the past, but no one can deny its essential role its playing now to help keep us all sane and in touch with what our friends are doing. Whether you’re on Instagram – tagging your friends in a fruit/vegetable drawing challenge, reminiscing on previous travels, looking at memes – or on Tik Tok learning the latest dance moves and trends (remember to follow us on @AtomeSG for the latest updates), social media has provided us with a glorious way to cope and momentarily escape life and the present situation.

6. Start cooking

For those who never had the time to learn the craft, now there’s no more excuses. As we all stay home with our loved ones, it’s time to sharpen your tools and head straight to the kitchen to prepare a comforting home-cooked meal.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, start things off with the basic and aim to cook at least thrice a week, rather than every single meal, every day, which can be intimidating. Then keep going until you feel confident!

Plus, cooking can help add a sense of structure to your routine especially when working from home. Home-cooked meals, especially from scratch, forces us to set aside time with our family to eat together. Those with children, now would be a great time to start passing on a traditional family recipe and letting them master it. Once quarantined life is over, invite extended family over and show off!

For new parents, while you cook, keep your child entertained with a bunch of quality toys from LittleBaby – colouring books to unleash their creativity, activity toys to stimulate their development while having fun, and even child-safe cutleries, adorable bowls and plates (I mean, a cloud shape platter?? COME ON). Add all these to cart, and use Atome when paying to enjoy a simple, fuss-free checkout with either your debit or credit card. Shop now, pay later with Atome!

No matter what you choose to do or not do, ensure that you’re having fun, and not letting the situation get the best of you. Stay positive, drink lots of water, stay home while we battle this virus out together.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.