Step up your shoe game with these 4 shops

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Whenever you’re heading out, we all know how important comfort is when choosing a shoe. After all, we’re sure to do a lot of walking, and we don’t want to head back home early nor do we want our feet to be sore the next day.

Sometimes, finding a comfortable shoe is tough, especially when you want them to be stylish and match with the rest of your closet. And while comfortable should always beat fashion – especially because one bad blister can spoil your day – that doesn’t mean we should completely forgo style. Get the best of both worlds with these four shops that will make you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine! Plus when you cart out with Atome, the bill gets split into three equal parts, so you can pay later for the things you love today.

Another Sole is made of high quality leather that will fit snugly on your feet. They have over 100 colours to choose from, allowing you to dress up accordingly. If you’re looking for an everyday shoe that goes with every outfit, their classic range features neutral colours that will go with every colour in your wardrobe. Plus, when you shop with them, 10% of their profits goes to World Vision’s Buy-1-Feed-1 Programme.

Fashion-forward brand, prettyFIT caters to the modern women with stylish and quality footwear, with a commitment to fit and comfort. They have a distinctive take on designs, allowing you to express your personality through their shoes. Their shoes are boast comfort and are stylish, becoming wardrobe essentials for women. We love their casual strappy sandals in neutral brown, making it so easy to match and style with any outfit!

No list of comfortable shoes is complete without Hush Puppies. The purveyor of comfortable shoes, Hush Puppies have truly mastered the art of sturdy, comfortable shoes that will take you that extra mile. Crafted with an innovative tech, these shoes allow you to walk on the bright side of life and always look stylish wherever you go.

Melissa shoes are one of the comfiest shoes on the market, they’re made with its own trademark material, a type of PVC that is 100% recyclable, flexible, resistant and comfortable. They have a wide range of designs from sandals, flats, to even shoes for your little ones! These Melissa Venus shoes are an absolute must-have in every closet, they’re multi-strapped and adds a hint of glam to your outfit.

Lastly, 9to9 offers a diverse selection of footwear for men and women, taking you from work to a weekend outing. We know how hard it is to find comfortable work shoes, correction: comfortable, stylish work shoes. They’re a rare find but with 9to9, they’re shoes are sleek, comfortable and ready to take you from meetings to a meal with friends.

Shop and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments. All you have to do is add the items you love into cart, check out and opt to pay with Atome! The bill gets automatically split into three parts, paid over a period of three months. With the Atome app, you can keep track of all your upcoming payments, but you never have to worry about missing a payment as it’s automatically deducted from either your credit or debit card. Download the app to find out more today!

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All the things we’re excited for in Phase 2!

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It’s been a week since Phase 2 officially started, and it’s the time when most of us have been looking forward to. We’ve been cooped up at home, and anxiously awaiting to head out to see our family and friends, in a place somewhere other than Zoom.

While we all have things that we’re excited for in Phase 2, we know that as we emerge and come out of our homes (every once in a while), that we have to approach the situation with caution, so that we can establish a stronger and safer beginning together.

So while we get ready to head out, we’ve rounded up a list of stores to help us welcome Phase 2 together! When you shop with Atome, the bill gets split into three interest-free instalments, that is paid over a period of three months. So you can own the things you love today, and pay later!

Established in Singapore, Purpur has everything you need to achieve that effortlessly put-together look, no matter where you’re going. We all know that pulling an outfit together can be a challenge, and if you’ve been struggling trying to decide what to wear, or what matches with your shoes, Purpur has apparel to cater to every modern woman.

One of the top places to go after being cooped up at home is definitely the spa. We’re excited to head to Mirage Aesthetics who are known as one of the best facial and aesthetic spa in Singapore. Leave it to the professionals to help you relax and get your brows back on fleek!

Elevate your look with stunning timepieces from H2 Hub. If you’re in the market for a day-to-day watch or even a smartwatch, H2 Hub carries a wide range of brands that will cater to your every wish! Never miss a notification, and keep track of all the steps you’ve been taking with ease.

Accessories are a simple yet beautiful feature to add to your outfit. It can instantly add a touch of glamour, colour and shine. Cocomi carries a selection of renowned brands, with a wide range of designs to suit every taste and occasion. Complete your outfits and head out in style during Phase 2!

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing like comfortable shoes, especially after being home for so long, most of us are excited to head back to malls and do some much-needed shopping, which means a lot of walking! Always walk on the bright side with Hush Puppies who have mastered the art of comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Download the Atome app and shop for all your favourite things and pay later. The bill gets split into three equal parts and you only need to pay what you see, there is no hidden cost or processing fee. Sign up for an account today with either your debit or credit card, and enjoy the things you love right away!

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The 5 shops to build the ultimate fashion IG feed

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If you’ve been spending time scrolling through Instagram, you’ve likely stubbled across profiles of cool Instagram feed, where they always look put together, even if they’re just lounging around the house. If you’re looking to elevate your look but you’re not really sure where to start, we’re here to help.

We’ve round up a list of five shops to help you get ready in the mornings effortlessly. Whether you’re heading to work, working from home, or if you’re going out for a quick meal with your friends, these five shops have everything you need to elevate your look. Shop and pay later with Atome and split your bill into three 0% interest instalments.

Add colour to your wardrobe with Her Velvet Vase, with a wide selection of beautiful dresses to choose from, the outfits are versatile and modern, allowing you to head to work in them, and a night-out with the girls. Just grab your favourite accessories to style your outfits, and take your outfits from day to night effortlessly.

Lovet features a range of clothes designed for the modern women, allowing them to find a style to suit each and every one of them. The pieces are thoughtfully crafted, enabling you to enjoy the freedom to express yourself. Plus, they release new styles every Sunday, perfect to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Purpur is a home-grown brand that is setting the trend for Singaporeans, bringing you the best and most comfortable styles to suit your every day look. They offer a wide range of fabulous outfits, purfect for the modern, fun lady!

One of the leading fashion brands in Singapore, Playdress offers an extensive collection of smart casual wear, with affordability and quality at the heart of the brand. Playdress takes you from work to play effortlessly, letting you embrace all your natural curves and beauty.

Lastly, celebrate your natural beauty with Aurahera and always look sophisticated no matter where you go. They have a wide selection of beautiful apparel in lovely designs to suit your personal style, allowing you to look chic and stylish everywhere you go!

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Look good when heading out for essentials

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We’re soon entering phase one of life after Circuit Breaker, and while that doesn’t mean we can all head back to the office, visit our friends, or start dining out, it’s a reassuring sign that we’re on the right track. Life isn’t going to go back to normal, at least not any time soon, but in all situations we must always face it head on positively – so here, we’re going to start embracing the new norm.

New norm, new us right? Right. While we’re not to be heading out for fun (if at all), as we still should only be going out for essentials, but why not look and feel good when leaving the house for groceries? We’ve got some ideas from a couple of our favourites stores that’s available to shop at with Atome. We know how stressful these times can be and how having extra cash is always good, so when you shop, remember to pay with Atome and you can split the bill into three equal parts, and pay later with 0% interest.

Remember that health and safety should always remain the priority, so let’s continue to practise safe distancing measures and do all part to keep everyone safe – and we’ll soon move to phase two!

Just how cute is this dungaree from Lovet? Layer this dungaree over a white tee or a crop top.  The dungaree is a staple that keeps coming back time and time again, and this piece is perfect for Singapore’s weather. Wear your hair down or throw it in a bun, and slip on your trainers for the effortlessly cool-girl look.

We know, we know, washing our hair can sometimes feel like a chore. It isn’t advisable to wash your hair every day as it can strip your scalp of essential oils. However, due to the heat here, we’re often sweating (unless you got the AC on), and not washing might cause our hair to look greasy and lifeless which isn’t great to look at when we’re heading out. For those with sensitive scalp, this shampoo is specially formulated to help protect, comfort and relax the scalp, while cleansing the hair gently.

Regardless of whether you’re heading out or staying home, remember to put on sunscreen. Yes even if the skies are grey. It takes a few minutes every day, but your skin will thank you in the long run. The sun emits two kinds of ultraviolet rays, which are damaging to the skin, and can make the skin age faster and cause skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen can protect us from these rays, and it can slow down the development of wrinkles. Sigi Skin’s sunscreen is known for its light, whipped texture that blends into the skin with ease. It contains superfoods such as avocado and açai extracts that are rich in vitamin E, which helps counteract the sun’s infrared rays and keep the skin looking youthful and supple.

Look sophisticated with this gorgeous watch from Olivia Burton on COCOMI. It’s a simple trick to look like you’ve put in more effort than you have. A watch can enhance your appearance and style, and classic watches (such as this timepiece from Olivia Burton) can be easily matched with any outfit.

Honestly, we don’t need an excuse to wear make-up. If it makes you happy, wear it anytime, anywhere! We know how important a good base is, and if you’re looking to add a cushion foundation to your collection, we recommend this Hyalon-8 cushion from Ecaldo. This multi-functional foundation provides long-lasting coverage, mixed with a light but super hydrating formula that offers buildable cover.

Honestly, these shoes are mega comfortable, lightweight and so stylish that you can’t stop with one pair (make some space in your shoe cabinets!). The sole is so soft that it feels like you’re walking on clouds, it’ll be your new go-to shoe. We love this sparkly glitter pink shade to add some shine to any outfit, and brighten up any day.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Playing dress-up at home

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While we may not be heading out for fun outings with friends, we can still continue to look and feel good in the latest trends even while we’re staying at home. Being in sunny Singapore, we look for clothing that are lightweight and breathable, especially as when we’re out of office (read: not in air-con for 9 hours), the material that we’re wearing is crucial to beat the heat.

Let’s hop out of our pyjamas and lounge-wear for a second, and breathe new life into our outfits. After all, what you wear can put you in a certain mindset as it affects our emotional state. Just the act of getting dressed up can lead to more productivity, optimism and a better overall mood.

Plus, this is also a great opportunity to have fun with our style, you get to try out new outfits that you might not normally wear, or feel is too dressy or showy for a day in the office. Now you’re home, no one is going to stop you for dressing like how you want!

Play dress up with Atome and buy the things you love and pay later with interest-free instalments. There’s no hidden cost or processing fees, it’s a simple checkout, made easy with your either your debit or credit cards. So what are you waiting for? Download the Atome app and start shopping today!

Get things done in this soft relax-fit dress. Made of polyester blend, known to be extremely lightweight with a silky touch, this dress is perfect for Singapore’s hot weather. We love this stunning shade of blue that will complement any skin tone.

Sunny afternoons are made for this beautiful floral printed dress with a ruffled top for some ~ princess vibes ~ We love how this dress instantly puts a smile on our face with its vibrant colours and flowy skirt perfect to spin around all day in.

Beach days seem like forever ago, but you can get a tiny slice of island vibes at home with this adorable straw bag. This cute and versatile bag has a stunning straw finish, and is sure to add on to every summer outfit. While we can’t head out yet, this bag can add to the tropical aesthetics to any room while we dream of our next beach holiday.

Make a statement in this dreamy pink jumpsuit, that can be dressed up or down. This delicate piece features intricate floral embroidery on the front, adding a romantic touch to this pretty colour. It comes with adjustable straps, with woven tassels at the end. It’s comfortable to lounge around the house all day in, while making you feel like you put in effort to get dolled up.

While you’re dolling up, don’t forget to play dress-up with your little one too! It’s fun to keep the kids entertained, and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Let them play doctor by dressing up in dad’s shirt, or use an old pillowcase to make a nurse’s apron, or a superhero cape (but let’s be real, nurses are superheroes). Playing dress-up is a fun activity and allows them to role-play and use their imagination to pass the time! Plus, it’s a great screen-free alternative.

These adorable kimonos from Haha No Yume are not only beautifully designed, but made with soft cotton fabric from Japan.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Getting ready for (virtual) date night

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With measures in place to help control the spread of Covid-19, we’re not to physically interact with others who are not in the same household as us. As a result, couples who are no longer staying under the same roof are now going through ‘long-distance relationships’. If you and your partner are currently in a ‘LDR’ now, you know that it takes extra effort to keep your connection going.

We’ve all heard that date nights are important to keep a relationship strong. However, given the current situation, we’ve to rethink how we do date nights – we can’t head out to a fancy restaurant, watch a movie, or go to the beach for a nice walk. But, just because you can’t meet each other, doesn’t mean you have to stop romancing each other. Take your partner out on an online date, dress-up at home, order food for each other, maybe even light a candle and have a video call. Stay connected, no matter how far apart you may be.

If you had travel plans together, why not visit the countries you were planning to visit over the computer. Or if you’d prefer to have a meal together, pick their dinner and surprise them with a food delivery! Maybe even have a date where you cook together virtually, so that you can enjoy the same food while apart. The list of ideas is endless, so even while you’re away from each other, you can still continue to shower them with love and affection. Plus, it’s a fun and great way to help relax. And while you may be talking every day, we’d do recommend having one extra special date night where you pull out all the stops, just like how you usually would to remind them of how much you love them!

Remember to put in the effort to let this date night stand out from your usual day to day catch-ups. We’ve rounded up a list of products that will help you achieve a flawless look for this special virtual date night (plus it’s an excuse to put on make-up and wear something other than pyjamas)! When you pay with Atome, you get to split the bill into three easy 0% interest instalments. It’s going to be a perfect date for you and bae.

Spongelle: Coconut Verbena Boxed Flower

Get ready like how you normally would with a shower! Even though you’re not going to be in the same room as your partner, it never hurts to smell good for yourself. Plus it sets the tone for your evening knowing that you put in that extra effort. Freshen up with Spongelle’s body wash infused buffer that cleanses, exfoliates, massages and nourish your skin from neck to toe. Even through the screen, your partner will be able to tell how soft and glowing your skin looks.

Ecaldo: Snail lifting eye patch

It’s only normal if your screen time has gone up since the start of Circuit Breaker. The light emitted from these screens are glaring and can strain our eyes over long period of time. Brighten and lift your eyes with Eclado’s Snail Lifting Eye Patch that helps to moisturise the eyes and tackle puffiness and fine lines. Give your under-eye some TLC and look instantly refreshed for your date.

For Beaut: Pure Me Detangling & Oil Removal Hair Brush

The situation isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. This Pure Me hair cleansing brush from For Beaut features purifying fibre bristles that soak up oil grease and sweat residue. At the same time, it helps to detangle and smoothen hair easily for neat, clean hair. Tame your locks and achieve smooth silky hair.

Beautymaker: Oil Free Long Lasting Liquid Foundation

This foundation has a hydrating formula that gives you coverage for a natural finish.  It provides SPF40 protection and is oil-free to help control oil and shine throughout the date. It’s the perfect foundation to help minimise the appearance of pores and gives your skin a smooth and flawless finish. Always look your best for your date, even over a distance!

Yumigifts: Big Big Love

Last but not least, surprise your partner with a bouquet of paper roses from Yumi Gifts! This thoughtful gift from the heart is sure to bring a smile to their face and remind them of your love and appreciation. Even though we may be far apart from the people that we love, it doesn’t mean that they’re out of mind. Plus, these are made with paper, so you don’t have to worry about them wilting. Talk about everlasting love right?

It’s a tough period now, and the uncertainity of the situation can amplify stress and anxiousness. Having a date as per usual (even virtually) can help create a sense of normalness, and you can escape reality and take your mind off things. Shower your loved ones with appreciation and affection, and remind them that you’re in this together. This period will help strengthen your love for each other and establish stronger emotional ties.

Remember to pay with Atome to help manage your payments into three interest-free instalments. If you’re new to Atome and are curious about Atome’s ‘buy now, pay later’, it essentially helps you to split bills into three monthly repayments, which are all at 0% interest. There are no hidden fees, or conditions, you only have to pay what you purchase. So you get to enjoy the things you love now, and pay later.

Love it. Own It. Pay Later.

Creating a capsule wardrobe

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For all those working from home, I’m sure we’ve forgotten about the rush we feel when we’re staring at our closet and panicking because we’re running out of time to pick an outfit for the day (Unless you’re one of those people who plans their outfit the night before to avoid this, then I only have one question: What’s it like to have your life all figured out?)

If, like me, you stare at the closet for a good 10 minutes, and wind up picking the same dress you wore last Tuesday, that shall be your life no 👏🏻 more 👏🏻 Because I would rather like to spend my mornings stress-free and relaxed, I’ve done PLENTY of research about Capsule Wardrobes and why it’s the way forward.

Before we start, let’s establish what a capsule wardrobe is. A capsule wardrobe features quality essential items of clothes – and although our essentials currently are sweatpants and pyjamas, we will be building our list beyond that. Let’s face it, a closet full of solid staples are forever, and this will help you adapt back to society once this Circuit Breaker period passes.

So let’s get started by establishing what are defined as essentials. Most of us have been exposed to media, so we know that a classic plain white tee, little black dress, ballet flats, a pair of jeans, are items that we should already have in our wardrobe. We’re looking to elevate this with more classic items that will stand the test of time, and can be easily matched with other items in our wardrobe. Choose clothes that you not only like, but will wear for time to come – which also means that they need to be made with quality materials.

We’ve narrowed them a list of items that we think you should add to your capsule wardrobe, from a few of our favourite brands. Feel free to browse their online store too, they’ve got plenty of cute pieces that can suit your preference and style. Plus, when you use Atome to check out, you get to pay later and split your bill into three hassle-free instalments (with 0% interest!).

Fiig Journal: Gabrielle (Blazer)

Every closet needs a good blazer, it takes your outfit from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Need to dress up an outfit without going too over the top? Blazer. Sudden work video call while you’re in a tee? Blazer. We love this white blazer from Fiig Journal, throw it over a simple outfit or layer it over slip dresses, and you’re ready to face the day!

H2 Hub: Aries Gold Prestige Edition

Every wardrobe needs a reliable watch that is versatile and classic enough to match any task, whether you’re heading back to the office, going out for dinner or just heading out to run some errands (once this Circuit Breaker period is over). Plus, watches are a form of self-expression, and helps to accentuate and complement your outfit. This classic watch from H2 Hub is an artisanal and classic item that will stand the test of time.

Fiig Journal: Ithaka Bamboo Fan Clutch

Besides a formal work bag, invest in a bag with an unexpected silhouette to breathe life into a simple outfit. This Bamboo Fan Clutch makes a statement, and is perfect for a weekend date, or a day-trip to the beach. It’s versatile and super roomy too, so it can hold your wallet, keys, and even a book!

Figg Journal: Beyond The Clouds Dress

We love a classic white dress, something that you can slip on without a second thought. This dress from Fiig Journal is made with lightweight linen, and features adorable flutter sleeves, and frill detailing. Throw it on without a second thought, and you’re ready to face the day!

Fiig Journal: Gabrielle (Shorts)

Singapore’s hot and humid weather definitely calls for shorts. With scallop trimmings at the waist and pockets, these little details spice up and adds more flair to your outfit. These shorts are also tailored to fit, so it’ll enhance your curves. It’s easy to match with any colour in your wardrobe, and classic and modern to suit any occasion.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. A capsule wardrobe is all about you and your style. Feel free to add a sweater, accessories and other garments that you feel are essential to you to your wardrobe, but ensure that these pieces can be easy to match, and suited for your lifestyle!

Remember to pay with Atome, and you can spread your payments out into manageable interest-free payments, over three months. Download the app today, and shop from our list of every-growing merchants, while keeping track of your instalments. We promise a hassle-free experience, with no hidden fees or services. Sign up today either your debit or credit card, and pay only what you see.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

Everything to know about LeCaine Gems

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As we all spend time at home, we’re forced to focus on things that matter to us. Shifting our focus from the nitty gritty details that we often get so lost in, and towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our ties with the world. We’re spending more time looking at our relationships, whether romantically, platonically or towards our family, and hopefully, getting to a new level of love and support for each other as we weather this storm together.

Maybe it means you’re bonding with your childhood friend who you haven’t spoken to in forever, or spending more time in the kitchen with your parents, learning new recipes. And maybe, it means you’ve realised your partner who has been there for you is a solid rock, and maybe she deserves one too.

But you’re not sure where to start? The world is your oyster, and that means there are a lot of options out there for you to browse in the market. (What cut would she like, what style would suit her, what about the colour of the gold? Plus, didn’t you read an article the other day about diamond mining and how it’s bad for the environment? Should you get a diamond? What about a gemstone? Are they ethically sourced? Conflict-free?) And then, there’s the price that comes into play. It’s no secret that engagement rings, or jewellery for that matter, are not the cheapest things in life. But, after all, this is a once in a lifetime moment, so that calls for some splurging, right?

Well, I guess, but not really. LeCaine Gems is the leading Moissanite jeweller in Singapore, with team of expert craftsman with a fine eye for detail. The fine jewellery company crafts elegant, bespoke pieces, perfect for any occasion, at truly affordable prices. They combine conflict-free lab grown Moissanite and ethically sourced gemstones, to create exquisite jewellery.

But before we delve too much, let’s clear the air and tell you what Moissanite is.

Known as the gemstone born from the stars, Moissanite are a stunning gem that shines as brilliantly as diamonds. Real Moissanite are rare, as they are said to have come to discovery when a meteorite fell to Earth. Therefore, the majority of Moissanite are created in the lab, thus resulting in minimal environmental impact, so you can put your mind at ease.

LeCaine Gems: 4 Carat Pear-Cut Teardrop Moissanite with Hidden Halo Ring

Moissanite are engineered to resemble diamonds, but are quite different compositionally and visually. However, the difference is not obvious, and it takes a professionally trained gemologist to be able to tell them apart. Moissanite is one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones, and they have a Mohs Scale of Hardness of 9.25, making them one of the hardest substances on Earth, and suitable for everyday wear.

LeCaine Gems: 1 Carat Round Moissanite in Heart Shape Accent Halo 18K Rose Gold Ring

At LeCaine Gems, their expertise lies in creating and setting Moissanite jewellery, whether it’s a set of earrings or a bespoke engagement ring. With a skilled team of goldsmiths and craftsmen, you can be assured that each piece of jewellery is carefully looked after. Plus, sustainability plays a huge part at LeCaine Gems, who are dedicated in ensuring that as a generation, we are mindful of what we consume, and where things are coming from.

If you’re looking for a unique and personalised ring to mark this significant milestone, LeCaine Gems will be able to help! As a fully online store, LeCaine Gem can provide digital consultation, where they are able to advise on the tone, cuts, setting, weight, style, and answer any question you may have. Aside from wedding and engagement rings, they offer a collection of beautifully crafted jewellery such as rings and earrings, that can complement any outfit and is a statement piece for numerous occasions.

LeCaine Gems: 2 Carat Mint Green Moissanite Round Halo 18K Gold Pendant

LeCaine Gems sources the highest quality gems, and they are all heavily inspected before being shipped. In addition, LeCaine Gems offers lifetime warranty that guarantees the Moissanite and gold metal purchased are authentic and have passed the diamond tester.

Moissanite rings are graded higher than many diamond alternatives, but cost significantly lesser, making it perfect for you to spend more on either the wedding, buying a house, or planning your honeymoon.

As you embark on the next phase in your relationship, it’s important to wisely spend your money and plan for the future. What’s more is that when you use Atome to pay, you can split the purchase into three equal and manageable interest-free instalments. With no hidden fees, nor extra charges, Atome allows you to buy the things you love now and pay later. You can keep track of payments using the Atome App, and auto deductions will be made for the remaining two instalments, so you never have to worry about missing a payment.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

Support local

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The world has taken a hit with the outbreak of Covid-19, and the various industry sectors, from tourism to finance, airlines and schools, have all taken a toll.

With measures in place to help us all #stayhome and only go out to get essentials, local businesses have taken a hit. Unlike larger establishments, smaller local companies don’t often have the luxury to rely on funds or investments during these times, and while they’re doing their best to survive, it’ll only be successful with our support.

During times like this, it’s heart-warming to see that the best of humanity always shines through. There are numerous examples on the web (Beng Who Cooks, Preetipls pooling donations for migrant workers), even as we scroll through social media, we see posts and stories from friends and family members offering to help those who can’t afford to cook or buy groceries due to unfortunate circumstances.

As we all do our part to help each other, we’ve round up some ways you can help support local businesses:

1. Shop online

Due to the various measures in place to help keep us all safe and at home, retail shops are no longer opened, and not all have an online presence or have the ability to transition their businesses online.

For those that do have an online shop, continue to support them by patronising them to help keep them going and come back once it’s over, your dollar can make all the difference to local shops. Head over to Chope and Save to buy a gift card for yourself or a loved one, which is a great way to help inject some cash to businesses to tide through this.