6 Dishes You Can’t Miss When Dining at Ajumma in Singapore

Ajumma is a delightful Korean restaurant located in Singapore that offers an authentic and diverse culinary experience. From flavorful stews to sizzling grilled meats, Ajumma presents a menu that will tantalise your taste buds. Here are six popular and delicious dishes you absolutely can't miss when visiting this fantastic Korean restaurant:.Signature Beef Kalbi: Ajumma's Signature Beef ...

by Starry
3 months ago

Enjoy Distinct Classics with A Fusion Twist at Tipsy Bunny

Tipsy Bunny, a bunny hideout in JEM, is the ideal place for visitors to encounter Mr. Baxton, their resident Bunny. Every palette may enjoy what The Burrow reinvents, especially the well-known classic dishes with a unique fusion touch. You may savor Tipsy Bunny's famous handmade pizzas, prepared without roller pins or bulky equipment and hand-stretched on ...

by jiatongma
1 year ago