Taking care of our mental health

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With the extended Circuit Breaker and the announcement of the reopening phases, it’s not surprising that many of us are starting to experience ‘Cabin Fever’.

The term is mostly associated with terrible weather (think snow storms) which is why most of us are not really familiar with it. Cabin fever refers to the feeling of restlessness, going ‘stir crazy’ and feeling unmotivated and hopeless.

Cabin fever is something that you can work on fortunately, and it’s not a lost cause. Keep your mind stimulated, your body active and listen to your soul. Routines are important in helping to keep cabin fever at bay, and staying in contact with loved ones and talking through challenges can help. Our tip would be to name something that you’re grateful for each day, and reframe the situation in our heads to strengthen our minds.

Take our mind off the virus and focus on creating happy moments in our life to calm our nerves. Whether it’s a book, movie, gardening, writing or even planning your next holiday, there are always things for us to look forward to in life. Browse our list of merchants on the Atome app, and get the things you love today, and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re feeling unmotivated, instead allow yourself to identify this emotion and remind yourself that it’s okay to have good and bad days. If you’re constantly feeling that you’re unable to concentrate, seek help from a professional mental health practitioner.

Gardening has been proven to help uplift our mood. Watching your plants grow and blossom creates a sense of achievement, and it teaches us to look after and respect other living things. It forces us to look beyond ourselves and reminds us to be more mindful, which helps to alleviate stress by reminding us to live in the present moment and not focus too much on the uncertainty of the future. If you’re new to gardening, we’d recommend starting with sunflowers. These bright and cheery plants are known tor their vibrant sun-like appearance. They’re relatively easy to grow, and they’re perfect for Singapore’s sunny weather, as you guess it, they thrive in the sun.

Create a small indoor garden with this adorable moss kokebiyori that allows you to cultivate your own little mediation area. The beauty of moss creates a sense of peace and relaxation for the mind. Set aside time to appreciate the beauty of nature and concentrate on the contrasting colour of the mini garden.

It’s no secret that exercise helps to boost our mood and energy. But while we’re staying home, it’s good to stretch and do some yoga (especially if we’re sitting down the whole day). Our bodies are tense and yoga can help alleviate some tension and relieve any tightness in our body. Exercise can also burn off the extra energy that we’ve accumulated from being home all day.

Letters to My … dad, daughter, friend, grandparent, mom, sister, son, or even to myself is a great way to help us focus on the positives, even though it might seem hard to do. This makes the ideal gift as it allows us to write our feelings to someone we hold dear, in 12 letters to be opened in the future. As we spend time apart from each other, we’ve come to realise the important roles that people play in our lives. Communication over our phones are so easy (and important), and these quick communication tools are great, especially during a time like this. But there’s something magical about hand-written letters – seeing someone’s handwriting, knowing the time and effort that it takes to write a letter, and the fact that it’s tangible, you get to hold on to it for years to come and reminisce after a long time. Plus, writing letters can be really therapeutic, as you get to “talk” and communicate all the things you’re feeling.

We love this elegant, bright journal to help remind us of the things to be grateful for each day. Writing in a journal can ground us in the moment, allowing us to be introspective and mindful of our thoughts and feelings. Daily entries are small, but it allows us to connect and sort through our mental clutter, and help us identify future goals. It also provides a great tool for us to look back and reflect on the past year (even though this year is crazy). Name something you’re grateful each day, and watch your mindset shift to a more positive one. Capture the moment now, and look back on this day in 2025 and see how much you’ve grown and changed.

Life is an adventure, and the earth is filled with wonders. We will definitely travel again, so why not start planning your next big trip. With time and energy on your side, look towards the future and create a bucket list of all the places that you want to go with this re-writable map. You can cross of all the things that you’ve done, and list all the things you’re going to do and places you’re going to explore.

As we all stay home and stay safe, while it’s important to look after our physical health, we have to look after our mental health too. Keep your mind active, eat and sleep well, and don’t beat yourself up by thinking that you have to be feel/act a certain way. Everyone copes with situations differently, and while not everyone likes staying at home, we have to accept the situation to combat the virus. Reframe the scenario in our head and remind ourselves that we’re not stuck at home, but we’re safe at home.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Practising mindfulness in life

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We’re often so focused on the future that we tend to miss out on simple things that going on in life. And while looking ahead is never a bad thing, letting moments pass us by is less than ideal. In this ever-growing and fast paced world, it’s easy to always be on your next thing – especially when there’s so many great options and opportunities out there. But at the same time, how often do we get to fully appreciate the moment we’re in, understand the feelings and feel all the feels that we’re meant to?

Sometimes when we look too much into the future, we start feeling anxious. We worry about all the things that could go wrong, even though they’re so far off into the future (and possibly won’t even happen). And while it’s normal to feel anxious about the future, it can stop you from doing things that you enjoy.

We look towards being mindful. It’s a buzz-word that has been thrown around excessively for good reason. But before we delve too much into that, let’s establish what mindfulness is.

According to Mindful.org: “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not over reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”

Sounds simple right? The best part is that it doesn’t require any special equipment, it’s something that we all already possess – the only thing that we need to do is learn how to practice mindfulness.

Let’s start with mindful eating. It involves eating slowing, engaging your senses by noticing the smells, flavours, textures and colour of your food – appreciating what you’re eating. Mindful eating is about giving your meal your full attention, which means no Netflix, phone games, or distractions. Play around with the presentation of your food to jazz up meal times and create more thoughtful tableware. Table Matters incorporates beautiful colours and textures to tableware, inspired by nature. The materials are carefully source and are strictly tested for toughness, durability and integrity, so you can be assured that it’ll stand the test of time.

Reinforce the principles of mindfulness in everyday life, starting with the space that we’re living in. Just Anthony is a purveyor of Chinese antique furniture and accessories. Look for a piece that speaks to you when buying furniture, and consider the impact that they’ll have on your life – whether they’re a practical item, or something that adds a positive association in your home. We love this cabinet from Just Anthony as it offers a space to display our aesthetically pleasing pieces, while safely storing other contents.

When life gets overwhelming, take a timeout and focus on yourself – understand the feelings that you’re experiencing with no judgement. Become aware of them and practising not letting it control you and your actions. Focus on the present moment, instead of the past or future, let go of tension and accept the moment and feelings for what they are.

As we live busy lives, filled with distractions, it is often hard to slow down. Giving yourself time each day to meditate and do a quick self-massage (or if you’re one of those lucky few who have someone at home give you a massage). You can start my take deep mindful breaths to fully immerse yourself in the moment, and massage your neck, legs, arms with a massage oil, bringing your focus to the area that you’re concentrating on. Identify how you feel, but don’t let that distract you, instead let that calm you.

Houze: Klear Cosmetic Table Organiser

Your home is a reflection of you and your life. It can help keep you organised and centred, especially as we’re all staying at home now. Our environment can overwhelm us, especially if it’s cluttered. Houze provides storage solutions to help create a sustainable and efficient way of living. Harmonise your home and create a conducive space of living by beautifying your living area. They have a wide range of storage options, suited for every room in the house.

Mindfulness allows us to look within ourselves, and not lose sight of the matter at hand. It allows us to reduce stress and anxiety, and helps us sharpen our senses and focus. To top it off, it boosts our health and immunity, as well as our confidence and emotional resilience.

Financial mindfulness sounds a bit like an oxymoron. But let’s start thinking about it, because I do think that we would all like to worry less about our finances. Financial mindfulness allows us to stress less about money for the future, as when we concentrate on what we need at the moment, we can decide if something makes sense to us.

When you pay with Atome, you can worry less about your finances, as Atome splits your bill into three manageable instalments, which are all interest-free. Allow yourself to indulge in the moment, without stress or anxiety.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Relaxing beauty buys to help de-stress

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My my my, what a situation we’re in, right? It’s been over a month since Circuit Breaker began and honestly, is anyone else feeling like dousing themselves in lavender oil and calling it a year? We can’t escape the current climate and one of the best things we can do now is stay calm, it’s simple but it’s true.

What we do to stay calm differs from person to person, whether it’s a home workout, baking, meditation, taking a hot shower, curling up to a good book, or using beauty products that promises to calm and soothe you. We’re sharing our favourite products to help you relax and de-stress. Take some time for yourself and pamper yourself with some of our most relaxing beauty buys.

If your skin is starting to act out from the stress, this Anionic mask is going to help. It acts as a magnet to pull out micro-size pollutants and other impurities from your skin that built up throughout the day. It’s gentle enough on your skin to be used every day, and it contains all the good stuff to boost moisture and elasticity in the skin, while preventing wrinkles and lightening up any dark spots. Remember to turn your phone into Do Not Disturb mode before you put this on for the ultimate escape.

Up your home facial routine with a salon worthy mask – Flowwe’s Regeneration mask with BioCellulose Fiber Mask. The mask is known for its amazing skin adhesion and skin toning effect. Plus, you get to pick a Phyris Essential Ampoule to suit your skin’s needs. If your skin is feeling dry, choose the Deep Moisture ampoule to inject some hydration into your skin. Or if you’re looking for extra radiance and energy, the Beauty Boost is for you! Concerned about fine lines showing up on your skin? The Ageless Ampoule can definitely help plump your skin for a smoother appearance. If your skin is looking irritated, the Calm and Even Ampoule can help relax and reduce redness. While the Stressless Ampoule will help regenerate and tighten the contours on your face. Lastly, Matt and Fine helps to mattify the skin, and refine the appearance of pores, leaving you with a smooth and even complexion.

After a long day, one of the most relaxing things to do is to rub on some natural essential oils and call it a day. There’s an array of essentials oils dedicated to helping you relax, mentally and physically. With so many options out there in the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We’ve round up three of our favourites from Natural Living Asia to help relieve stress, relax your muscles and boost your mood. Curio Elixir’s No 23 Manage My Stress Roll On is pretty self-explanatory. It contains a blend of peppermint, geranium and frankincense, which will help you relieve stress (surprise surprise!), clear your mind and improve positivity. While the No 22 Relaxing Muscles Roll On is a favourite to help relieve any pain on your muscles, joints and tendons. Made with a mix of eucalyptus, sweet orange and frankincense oil, this is perfect to help relax your muscles after a day of sitting at your WFH set up. Lastly, the No 21 Stimulating Mood Roll On is exceptionally crucial in today’s landscape. Rub it onto your temples to help lessen worries and unwind your mind, and indulge your senses in a blend of sweet orange, rosemary and geranium oil. Pro-tip is to rub them on your pulse points (wrists, temples) before you fall asleep so that you can fall into deep sleep and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Put your mind at ease during the day and slather on some sunscreen to protect your skin. Inside this tube contains an uber hydrating, vegan sunscreen that helps prevent premature ageing. It protects your skin from UVA, UVB rays and blue light (the light emitted from your laptop and phone!), as well as environmental aggravations. Highly rated and reviewed, many have touted it as the best sunscreen they’ve ever used.

Did you know that the repetitive motion of brushing your hair helps to ease muscles and calm your body? Your body adapts to a comforting routine and evokes a relaxation response. This can help calm you down and is a perfect way to unwind after a long day. We love a product that does more than it should and this hairbrush from For Beaut is definitely one. Not only does it detangle your hair, it soaks up oil grease and sweat residue with its purifying fibre bristles, while smoothening your hair. The bristles help to create a feeling of acupressure, essential for scalp care which will help keep it healthy and improve blood circulation. After all, there’s little things more relaxing than clean, silk hair.

There’s something magical about spa treatments that always transports us to a place of zen and serenity. If you’re looking for a meditative escape in the form of a spa treatment, look no further with Mirage Aesthetic’s Premium Hydra Beauty Set. The set contains collagen boosting formulas that helps to restore your skin’s natural radiance. It includes a Silk Protein Repairing Mask that leaves your skin feeling supple, clear and radiant. When used consistently, it visibly improves your skin, giving it a youthful glow. We recommend lighting a candle, and indulging

It can be difficult to make time for yourself to unwind, but we promise you won’t regret it. Boost your overall well-being and relax with these products. Your skin (and your body) will thank you for it! Plus when you pay with Atome, the bill gets split into three equal interest-free instalments, so there’s one less thing to stress about.

Love It. Own it. Pay later.

Celebrate World Health Day with us!

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In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, there’s honestly no better time to be taking care of your health. And as we celebrate World Health Day on 7 April, Atome is here with some tips and tricks on how to stay healthy.

Before we begin, let’s shed some light on this global health awareness day. Started in 1950, WHD is sponsored by World Health Organisation (WHO) to reinforce the message that healthcare is a basic human right for everyone, without the prospect of financial hardship.

We don’t often think too much about it, or at least not as much as we’d like to before this Covid-19 situation broke out, but now more than ever, it is crucial to stay healthy – both physically and mentally. Not only for ourselves, or our loved ones, but for everyone else and their loved ones too.

Each year, WHD focuses on a tag line, and this year’s very apt theme reminds us to support nurses and midwives. We’re all aware of the hard work, the long hours and the sacrifice that healthcare practitioners go through, especially now that they’re at the forefront working endlessly to fight this virus.

So how can we help? Singapore has been coming together to fight this virus, there are numerous ways you can help, but the most effective way to help is by taking care of ourselves.

Besides staying home, following social distancing guidelines and washing your hands with soap, here are five tips on how to stay healthy amidst the current situation:

1. Eat right

Given the current situation, it’s easy to feel like things are out of control. But the silver lining is that we can start to take control of the small things. You don’t have to follow a strict diet, just avoid processed food, and food that is high in sugar. It sounds simple but it’s easier said than done right? I mean, how often have we promised ourselves that we’re going to start eating clean, only to reach for a bag of chips because it’s so much more convenient than cooking?

I know, I know, but we’re all in this together, and in the long run, it’s so much better for your health to cook at home. Let’s start with the basic: stocking up on groceries (PSA to not hoard nor panic buy!) and picking up the right things (fruits and veggies!!). Before heading out to buy groceries, take an inventory check on what’s at home and then plan meals around these items. While it might seem like a good time to go for canned products, it’s actually even better to buy fresh produce and start meal prepping.

2. Get enough rest

Most of our routines are probably thrown into a frenzy when staying home, our usual Monday to Friday regimen is almost non-existent. I don’t know about you, but my pre-COVID-19 schedule was simple: wake up, get ready for work, commute, work, eat, work, commute, eat, sleep. But it’s important to maintain a schedule and stick to it, for a semblance of normality.  

Going to bed early and waking up at the same time each day is definitely one of the ways to do so. Plus sleep is essential for our bodies to repair cells, and decrease our risk or developing chronic health conditions.

Tip: Try to limit your phone usage before bed time, not only is it straining our eyes, the blue light that our phone emits can disrupt our sleep quality.

3. Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, it’s time to get those endorphins flowing, boost our immune system, get better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety – the list of benefits goes on and on, all we know is that it’s time to put on that cute workout outfit!

While you might not be able to head to the gym and team sports are definitely not on the agenda, it’s okay to go for a walk or run, while maintaining a safe distance from others. Plus, the fresh air and sun are known to improve everyone’s mood. An added plus, vitamin D (SUNSHINE) is great for maintaining your overall health.

Try exercising for at least 30 minutes per day, which can be broken up into 10 minute sections – ten minutes in the morning, ten in the afternoon and a final ten in the evening. While you’re home, there’s lots of home workouts that you can participate in. One thing that’s great about exercising is that you don’t require equipment – body weight workouts such as squats, lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers are great to do to get your heart rate going. If you prefer to have a “buddy”, there’s so many free videos on YouTube to follow, fitness apps are offering free download, and even IG live workouts to join (we’re loving WeBarre’s workout – follow them to get the latest updates), so get moving!

4. Social Connections (while social distancing)

Studies have shown that social connectedness is as important for our health as the former three points.  But given the current situation, we have to be responsible and practise social distancing as it’s an effective tool in fighting the virulent virus. But there’s no denying that its uncharted territory for all of us.

Biology says we’re programmed for connections, and in a time when physical connections are limited, we turn to technology. We’ve traded dinners after work with FaceTime in the comfort of our own house, and honestly that’s okay. Phones and computers have long changed the way we connect with others, and now we’re facing a time when it’s probably the main way we can connect.

5. Calming activities and Hobbies

It’s important to look after your mental health during a time like this. Whether it’s art, writing, gardening, knitting, or playing an instrument, hobbies are a great way to set time aside and focus on doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do. If you need more reasons to start, science links hobbies to becoming happier and healthier, and you can’t argue with science.

Fine, that’s not enough? Studies have shown that there’s a positive association between non-work creative activities and increased performance and creativity at work. So time to pick up that new skill you said you would do when you had more time. Need some inspiration to paint? Check-out Lionheart Studio for beautiful artwork and got those creative juices flowing!

And while we’re here, or rather at home, if you’re ever bored and looking for some light-hearted entertainment and more useful tips, follow us on Tik Tok @AtomeSG!

Love it. Own it. Pay later.